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Order Christian Church WORSHIP BANNERS and WORSHIP FLAGS to celebrate the King of Kings for special Holidays or perhaps use to enhance your Dance Group, or Banner productions. Children love flags, so consider the tiny flags for Children’s Church. The Beautiful Designs, of Faith, Scripture, and Symbols will adorn your Church and magnify the Lord. You will enjoy the Brilliant Colors of these 2 sided Flags, made of Pure Silk. All the Banners have bound edges and the large thru small sizes have a reinforced 1 1/4”rod pocket at the top, and a small loop of elastic at the bottom, to keep the BANNERS taunt on the rod. The tiny FLAGS have a wooden pole included which fits tightly into the rod pocket.

These Christian Church WORSHIP BANNERS and WORSHIP FLAGS were created with you in mind, offering you the best pricing in the market. My goal was to make them affordable for God’s people. So consider these WORSHIP BANNERS and WORSHIP FLAGS for your PRAISE and WORSHIP services and gatherings. I have chosen to use SILK for my BANNERS because it flows beautifully indoors and outside. The advantage of SILK is that it is light weight and your arm does not become fatigued when waving it. You may wash it on gentle cycle and iron it when slightly damp. In the future CUSTOM WORSHIP BANNERS will be offered. The Lord has led me to create BANNERS for STATES and COUNTRIES, so lift high the BANNER over your State and over your Country, making Kingdom declarations and proclamations of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. For the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of.

Holy Worship Flag

I am highlighting this Holy Worship Flag because the scripture…

Portuguese Worship Flags

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Rosh Hashanah 5777

"Rosh Hashanah 5777: I Saw Jesus Coming Dressed As a Warrior…


This is a direct quote from Tony Cavener which depicts the…

Taking Dominion Worship Flag at Epicentro de Danza

  High Praise Banners was used during the EPICENTRO deDanza…

Taking Dominion

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Celebrate Easter Worship Flags

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The Great American Revival Worship Banner

The Great American Revival Worship Flag This Revival Worship…

The Key of David Worship Flag

In the Old Testament authority figures actually wore keys…

I have been struggling with a situation for years. When I worshiped the Lord with my banner I had a major Breakthrough! My problem was solved, and I am praising God. Hallelujah!

Barb -

My husband passed away which has been difficult at times for me. When I lift my banner, I feel as though I am connecting with my husband in the Great Cloud of Witnesses, praising God. Other times I raise a banner and feel as though I am tearing down strongholds


Last night at church I brought my flags and they were a big hit. My apostle came in and all I saw was a big smile on her face. She even asked me after church, “where did you get those flags, they are anointed, there is even a shift in the atmosphere as they were being waved.” (her words) I told her I bought them from you and you were going to create the Safe House of Fire Flag. Even today, I went to lunch with a friend and I wanted to show her my new flags from you, I pulled the Jesus flag out on the pole, and she’s going to order from you also. She was excited too! People stopped by as I was waiving it in there air, and they came over, and asked “who did that flag they are beautiful.” I showed them In his presence too and I’m glad you have your name on the flag and pole, it was easy to give it out. Blessings in Him, Marie