I used the banners on a mission trip and they claimed the territory, opened the atmosphere and there were many more salvation’s and people laid their weapons down and fell on their knees.
Kristen H.

“Good Morning Gail!  Praise report!  The flags were a hit. The strategy God gave and the flag representation was amazing.

My church operate as a prophetic church and when we waved the flags as intro the praise team got a prophetic song including the words on the flags.  It was so amazing. The original flag God showed me, Praise God, someone at church had already ordered from you without my knowing ( See how God is moving)
Neither of us knew the other had ordered from you until yesterday. The lady was apart of the strategy God gave me and that is how I found out while we were preparing to go forth with ministry before Praise and Worship!  The Breathe of God flag went forth first and a prayer was lifted up to God asking him to breathe on us…. Jesus flag was next with prayer lifted up to Jesus and honor of his place in the church. Holy Spirit flag was next and my niece did spins with the flag welcoming Holy Spirit in. Finally the medium “I AM” flag was waved! And it was evident The TRINITY was present.
To top it off, later during service three ladies on my row (members of another church) asked where we got the flags! I had the link in my phone and presented flag pole with info (I remembered you saying info on pole).  They took pics with their phones to capture the info. The flags are beautiful and flowed so well with very little effort. The anointing was released and it was mention through narrator. “



“Your flags were beautiful at the Dancing Preachers International Conference in Orlando 2017”.


Adriene of Orlando used “Come Breath of God Whirlwind Flag to address Hurricane Irma in Orlando Florida, as she worshiped the Lord.

Hi Gail,   The Worship Flags/Banners look great.
Many thanks,
Pastor David Swaggerty
Charisma Life Ministries
-Quality Customer Service-
Always enjoy working with Gail. She answers the phone and goes the extra mile to help you select just the right product for your needs. Her products are beautiful and high quality. And she ships orders immediately. All the way around, a wonderful experience working with Gail. Encourage all shoppers looking for quality workmanship and great customer service. You will not be disappointed by Gail Christine Designs!
-Sharon Gonzales


Thank you for your help Gail, we are so blessed to have found you! The flags are so beautiful & such a blessing to our ministry. I look forward to many more purchases. GBU.




High Praise Banners was used during the EPICENTRO deDanza in Hollister California.  Nayra Giron Paz graciously shared her experience with High Praise Banners’ Worship Flags. Many worship dance groups from the area took part in the celebration.



Dr. John Saba was miraculously healed of prostrate cancer. His PSA was 236, Doctors said there was not way he could live, make plans for his funeral. Dr. John had a cross and three Bibles on his bed, but the amazing thing is someone bought a set of High Praise Banner’s Healing Sheet and Pillowcase; which has healing scriptures covering it. They placed it on Dr. John and a steady stream of people came with their faith and spoke God’s word over him. Dr. John believes even the written Word of God was going into his body manifesting healing as well as the spoken Word of God. To God be the Glory; Dr. John is cancer free and completely healed! (Click here to order)



During Chapel time women in The Maryland Correctional Institution 
are using High Praise Banners during worship. What a blessing to see God use these
flags demonstrating he has healed them, delivered them, and set these women free,
just as the flags state!




I received an order from a wonderful young man that wanted to honor his father in a special way. He used these banners to say goodbye to a mighty man of God.

This is the way he wanted to honor his father in his passing to glory.







“Hi Gail,

About a month ago I ordered the Lion of Judah Banner with the Shofar man on it.  I have to tell you everyone loves the banner I am told each time I use it how anointed it is. I have used it several times and here is a picture of it being used for a presentation on Easter Sunday. Also it will be used for a very special service our choir is preparing called a Night To Honor Israel. Thank you for the quick shipment of the banners. God Bless Holly” April 2014