Keys of the Kingdom – Christian CHURCH WORSHIP BANNERS AND WORSHIP FLAGS for Praise and Worship. Silk Banner Design

Keys of the Kingdom – Christian CHURCH BANNERS AND WORSHIP FLAGS for Praise and Worship Silk Banner Design

I was inspired to create the Keys of the Kingdom Banner as I read in the Bible. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed. Christians have the Keys to the Kingdom to unlock treasures in the spirit and close doors to evil. Matt.16:19 (Message Bible) reads, “You will have complete and free access to God’s Kingdom, Keys to open any and every door; no more barriers between heaven and earth, earth and heaven. A yes on earth is a yes in heaven.  A no on earth is a no in heaven.” I quote Paul Roman, “The Bible defines the Church not as a building but a people called out for a purpose and a relationship. The Greek word for Church, ekklessia, has in its original meaning legislative connotations. The elders would sit at the city gates and legislate what would happen in Israel. They were being the ekklessia. In the New Testament, Jesus spoke to Peter saying that He has given the keys of the Kingdom to His ekklessia. The Church has the power to allow or disallow what comes into our nation through prayer. The ekklessia of God legislates through prayer. Let me paint a picture of what this idea looks like based on the true meaning of these words. In our fellowship in Albany, Oregon, a mom heard about her son having to deliver pizzas to a strip club. Godly indignation rose up in her and she called the church to pray, and just days later the strip club was shut down. This is an example of the Church being a force of spiritual legislation. The lifting of the Keys of the Kingdom Banner  CHURCH BANNERS AND WORSHIP FLAGS is a rallying point for the Body of Jesus Christ to step into her rightful position of being an Ambasador of Jesus Christ legislating  his will on earth.”

CHURCH BANNERS AND WORSHIP FLAGS – Christian Praise and Worship Silk Banner Design