Church Banners and Flags - High Praise Banners

I must say the Lord is full of surprises. Even though I had seen Banners before, I really had no leading to pick one up until I attended a Church Conference. I was encouraged by a stranger to worship with a Banner for the first time in my life. In doing so I felt a release, which empowered me to rise in new heights of worship. All burdens, anxiety, and worries just melted away as I waved my banner. Chains of restriction were being broken off my life. Like a baby chick, I was breaking out of the shell of confinement with greater dimension of worship.

Church Banners and FlagsAs we step out of our comfort zone and wave our banners to exalt the King, it pleases him. His presence comes and dwells with us. Religion has put many stumbling stones in our path. I believe the simple instrument of a Banner in the hand of a worshiper can remove them. Isaiah wrote:” Walk out of the Gates. Get the road ready for the people. Build the highway. Get at it! Clear the debris, hoist high a FLAG, a signal to all the peoples! Yes! God has broadcast to all the world: “Tell daughter Zion, ‘Look! Your Savior comes, Ready to do what he said he’d do, prepared to do what he promised.’” Zion will be called new names: Holy People, God-Redeemed, Sought-Out, City-Not-Forsaken. (Isa. 62:10-12 Message Bible)  I encourage those reading to get on this Joyous Highway, because where the Lord is there is great liberty. This has become my passion. The Lord has led me to create Banners. The sole purpose of each design is to announce to the people, God is faithful to perform all He has promised to those that believe His word; and to magnify the Lord Jesus Christ, the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.

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Order Worship Banners and Worship Flags to celebrate the King of Kings for special Holidays or perhaps used by your Dance Group. Children love flags, so consider the tiny flags for Children’s Church.The beautiful Designs, of Faith, Scripture, and symbols will adorn your Church and magnify the Lord. You will enjoy the brilliant colors of these 2 sided flags.

Church Worship Banners and Worship Flags